The Responder Investigations (RI) Difference 

     Finding evidence to prove who is at-fault in a motor vehicle accident isn't always easy.  When our clients, who are Emergency Responders, are seeking reimbursement for their services provided at Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA),  sometimes an in depth investigation is required to determine who is liable  for the charges.  


Evidence to determine liability may be retrieved from witness interviews, DOT web cam reviews, dashcam reviews, accident reports from law enforcement and/or court documents.

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  • Fire Departments have  been exceeding their tax budgets by the increased demand for their services of not only fighting fires, but medical emergencies and motor vehicle accidents 

  • Fire Departments can now seek reimbursement for their services provided at motor vehicle accidents where they reduce further liability and repair property damage from hazmat spills.  For more info.

  • You can file a complaint with the State Insurance Commissioner if your insurance company refuses to cover emergency response costs.

  • Chemical or petroleum spills at an MVA or hazmat spill site are considered property damage.

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An impressive team of professionals have received all necessary training in understanding the importance of keeping any and all information completely private and secure. Our systems have the highest level of security and are monitored by our IT team 24/7 which helps our clients feel increasingly confident about letting Responder Investigations, LLC work on their cases.

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